10 Tips to Give Your Best Shot in Exams

Tips to Give Your Best Shot in Exams

10 Tips to Give Your Best Shot in Exams

The season of exams has started and the scene at home has completely changed. Televisions switched off, phones on silent and quiet climate are the new norms. The biggest fear is not the fear of exams but the fear of how students are going to tackle this situation.

 Though the students of this generation are smart enough to write their exams well, here are a few tips to be followed to give your best shot in the exams.

1. Time Management

Studying for hours together will not yield any results; rather, stay focussed for the few hours you actually put in to study.

2. Say No to Anxiety

Do not mix up all the subjects and don’t try to complete them in the last hour.

3. Maintain Your Surroundings Clean

See to it that there is proper ventilation, lighting and make sure to not pile up books around yourself.

4. Love What You Learn

Do not study for marks, focus on the subject you are learning, understand it and you will automatically love what you learn.

5. Have a Healthy Breakfast

Whenever you feel hungry, go for healthy food instead of junk food. 

6. Limit Smartphone Time

This is the age of smartphones; we cannot simply give up the habit. Practice self-control and limit your smartphone usage.

7. Remember a Favourite Moment in Your Life

For your brain to work efficiently you need a hormone called serotonin. Thinking of an incident which made you laugh or happy will do the trick.

8. Exercise Regularly

You can choose walking, jogging, dancing or any of your favourite exercise.

9. Keep Humming 

Not only listening to your favourite tunes relieves you from stress but also singing to that tune releases endorphins which makes you stay relaxed and focused.

10. Jot Down Your Fears on a Paper

Write down your fears on a piece of paper; it will make you feel relaxed and more confident.

On the Day of Exam

  1. Wake up happily and pack everything needed for the exam.
  2. Have light breakfast
  3. Do not study until the last minute
  4. Take a deep breath after entering the exam hall
  5. Be calm, composed and go through the entire question paper.
  6. Do not discuss much on the exam given for that day.

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