Water Stewardship in Schools

Water Stewardship in Schools

It was a great privilege for Samashti International School to be on board the ‘Water Stewardship in Schools’ project promoted by Worldview Education.

Over the past month, 30 students of grades 7 and 8 went through a comprehensive learning module including workshops and expert interactions focused on Water Literacy, Advocacy. They had to execute a project within the school to conserve, recycle or reduce water consumption in the school.

They were grouped into four teams. There was a special assembly to share the details of the projects with all the students. The assembly started off with Siddardh of grade 8 giving an introduction about what the project was about.

Team 1 – Led by Arya of Grade 7 

Their project was about building a smart irrigation system using solar panels. They planned on installing sprinklers in the grounds to reduce water usage.

Team 2 – Led by Abhinav of Grade 8

This team was working on the project of building a better water dispenser and spreading awareness. In the model, they showed different buttons for different amounts of water.

Team 3 – Led by Saanvi of Grade 8

This team was working on the reuse of leftover drinking water and making the most of rainwater. They collected the water underneath the water dispensers and used it for irrigation and cleaning.

Team 3 – Led by Theertha of Grade 8

They were working on reusing the kitchen water for other purposes such as irrigation. Haasini of 8th grade shared some interesting facts on water.

All the students took a pledge, led by Diya and Saanvi of 8th grade, to conserve water.