Sonar Social Distancing Device and Doppler Radar by Aarya Tiwari

Device for Maintaining Social Distancing

Sonar Social Distancing Device and Doppler Radar by Aarya Tiwari

1. Social Distancing Device

Social Distancing Device uses SONAR ranging to identify whether a person is in the range of 2 m, and beeps if there is a person in a 2-meter radius to alert the person with the device to maintain adequate social distance.

I was inspired to make due to the rising severity of COVID-19 because of which we need to maintain adequate social distance, which is an effective preventive measure.

Parts used for this are:

  1. HC-SR04 Sensor
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. Buzzer
  4. PC or Laptop for programming

The programming language used for programming the Social Distancing Device is Arduino IDE.


SONAR, short form for Sound Navigation And Ranging, which is used for detecting and determining the distance and direction of objects by acoustic means. SONAR transmits sound waves that are reflected from objects, the reflected waves are detected by SONAR and analyzed for their distance.

Arya made this as he had a requirement for this in his house, but it was quite useful for other needs too, so decided to modify it for multi-purpose use.

Parts used for this are:

  1. HC-SR04 Sensor
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. PC or Laptop for programming

The programming languages used for programming the SONAR are Arduino IDE and Processing 3.

Current Applications of SONAR :

  1. Echo sounding
  2. Detection of objects on land
  3. Tracking vehicle location
  4. Biomass estimation
  5. Wave measurement

3. Doppler Radar

The Doppler Radar is based on the Doppler Shift principle, which states that when a sound object moves towards you, the frequency of the sound waves increases, leading to a higher pitch.

Conversely, if it moves away from you, the frequency of the sound waves decreases, and the pitch comes down.

Hereby, we can calculate the speed of the object by subtracting the time it took for the reflected frequency to reach the radar from the time it took for the emitted frequency to reflect from the object.

This was made using the HB100 and an Arduino Mega, and uses an Arduino based code for calculating the object’s speed.

One of the Doppler Radar’s uses is speed detection on a highway.

Aarya Tiwari - Samashti International School
Written by
Aarya Tiwari, Grade 8

Career Objective: Astroparticle Physics Research

Operating System Knowledge: Windows, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, Dos, Mac OS, Android, iOS.

Programming Languages: C#, Kotlin, Python, Gradle, C++, Java, HTML, TeX, Android Studio, IntelliJ, Arduino IDE, JavaScript (Basic), SQL

PC Hardware: Advanced Level, Networking, Gaming Console Modding,

IoT: Raspberry Pi, Node MCU, Arduino Mega/Uno/Nano, IoT Automation through Alexa and Google Home

Projects Completed:

  1. Home Automation using Alexa- https://youtu.be/1fzeQ9hlxR4
  2. SONAR – https://youtu.be/_uGbYd7YfDE
  3. Doppler Radar – https://youtu.be/Ze-cfMGWBr8
  4. Social Distancing Device – https://youtu.be/4gAbWtKQeLg
  5. Nuclear Ozonizer
  6. MIDI Controller(Commercial project, designed for AVLink)
  7. Working model of speaker
  8. Assembling a Workstation


  1. Go4Guru Winner, #2
  2. 3-time Zonal Olympiad Winner
  3. Cryptics 2019-2020 Second Runner-Up


1. Domyosian Chronicles- The rise of Dafuga https://www.amazon.in/dp/B074DGP5DJ/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_apJUEb6M74H4H


  1. Grade 3 – Keyboard
  2. Guitar basics
  3. Launchpad


  1. Stargazing
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Playing sports

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