Introverts Fare Better in Online Classes

Introverts Fare Better in Online Classes

Introverts Fare Better in Online Classes

Online classes have been tough for students and teachers alike.

But, there is a group of students that has largely benefitted from the online classes, “The Introverts”.

Introverts are generally students who prefer being on their own. They are good at completing tasks and often spend a lot of time reading and enjoy solitude.

Traits of Introverts

  • They prefer being alone
  • They take time to think before taking any action
  • Are reserved and don’t often share their ideas
  • Prefer working independently
  • Good listeners
  • Focus better in solitude

Introverts are more in touch with their inner selves and can do things independently, but when it comes to being a part of the classroom discussion or facing people they are not very keen on it. Online and virtual learning has removed this difficulty and has helped such students.

Here are some ways in which online classes have proven to be beneficial for introverts:

Learnt at their own pace

Many introverts gave their best because they had the freedom to watch and learn at their own pace. They don’t have to rush to be able to cope with their classmates and can move at their own pace.

They got time to prepare

They got time to formulate their answers rather than just answering on-the-fly in class. This improved their performance as they no longer had to fumble with what they wanted to say. They didn’t have to be part of social situations during group discussions and could take time to participate online.

Since they got time to prepare themselves they participated more.

Paid more attention

Introverts are good listeners when not surrounded by a lot of people, this helped them pay more attention to their class as they didn’t have to worry about whom to sit with or be with, in the classroom.

They got more creative

Solitude helps them focus better without distractions, especially when they are in a familiar environment or a place where they can connect better with themselves like their home. Less interaction with other people helped them be more creative as they prefer to figure out things on their own.

They learn by watching

Introverts prefer learning by watching others. It is easier for them to learn to do a task when they see somebody else do the same thing. This removes the fear of failure from their minds and they then do the task better.

Our Flipped classes have benefitted introverted students who watch the videos sent by teachers and learn at their own pace. They get time to work on their queries, answers, and lessons without having to match the pace of other students. This has helped a lot of students perform better academically.