7 Ways in Which Art Can Make Your Child Creative

Give them a few colours and the freedom to exercise their will! Sit back and watch the magic of this incredible experience. It could be smearing paint on paper or painting their fingers, but art for kids unleashes the process of creation.
Ever questioned a child engrossed in art work? They seldom know what they are creating! Children cherish the moment and the journey more than the final product. Neither are they conscious about their work nor are they focussed on the outcome of it. Arts and crafts for kids are a vital channel for self expression and epitome of happiness.

Connection between Art and Creativity

It is often believed that creativity is an inherent talent. Contrary to this common view, research reveals that creative ability can be fostered in children.

Art is an enchanting way to evoke and channelize creative potential in kids. Every human being is born with the asset of imagination. Art empowers one’s imagination, taking it a step forward. Artistic flair transforms an abstract concept into a visual representation, thereby giving birth to creativity!

kids-artThe Bonus

Art certainly taps and augments creative talent. However, the benefits of art for kids do not end there. Creating art boosts children’s analytical and critical thinking. Improvisation of fine motor skills is a big bonus in the younger kids. Dabbling with new ideas and inventing a novel piece of craft enhances their scientific ability. And of course, the appreciation and praise received results in high self esteem and elevated self-confidence.

Art Can Inspire Creativity

Let us walk through 7 ways in which art can fuel creative aptitude in your child.

Art Stimulates the Right Hemisphere of the Brain

The right hemisphere of the human brain is supposedly the centre of emotional perception, creativity and intuition. Studies prove that artistic endeavours tap the right side of the brain, thereby augmenting creative instincts.

benefits-of-art-for-kidsArt Strengthens Observation

Observation power is a cardinal requisite for creativity. Involvement in art strengthens observation skills as kids learn to scan minute details of colours, shades and design.

As parents, you can boost this skill by allowing them to work amidst nature during good weather conditions. A careful look around will reveal to them the beauty of our surroundings and help create with an open mind.

Art Fortifies Description

Interpretation and description are vital facets of creative skill. Art is definitely fun but it comes with significant learning.

Ask your child questions about their or someone else’s art work. The answers will astound you. Their interpretations and descriptions will be far away from yours. These varied explanations lay the foundation of potent creative skill in the coming years.

Art Facilitates Experimentation


The more you experiment with ideas, the more creative your thought process will be. Kid’s art and craft provides an apt platform for experimentation and innovation.

You can help by identifying a particular area in the house and designating it as an art space for your kid. This will make the kid feel special and boost his/her spirit of creation. Moreover, the allocated space will provide freedom for experimentation. Needless to add, parents should be geared to handle the mess that follows!

Art Gives Birth to New Ideas


Kid’s Art can be easily utilised towards developing creativity by supplementing the regular raw material. New material gives birth to new ideas and novel creative experiences.

Give new art tools such as newspaper cuttings, pencil shavings, sticks, leaves, or shells and watch your child explore the crude material to create something unique and out-of-box.

Art Manifests Self Expression


Children are often unable to verbalise their inner feelings. Art provides a platform for self expression, which is an off shoot of creativity.

The art work of children has its own language. A language that requires no alphabet, just plain observation and sensitivity! Next time your child finishes an art piece, make an attempt to decipher what it truly says. You will be amazed how potent art is towards revealing one’s mindset. Who knows it may bring you closer to your child!

Art Promotes Critical Thinking


You cannot be creative without a ticking mind. Art for kids works wonders at strengthening analytical and critical thinking skills.

It can commence from something as simple as which colour scheme to utilize and graduate to creating a master piece.

So next time around, hold the reins of your anger when you see the house littered with torn paper or paint marks on the floor. These delightful art experiences help children imbibe several life skills. The benefits of art for kids stretch from cognitive development to self esteem to creativity – all contributing towards the development of a complete personality!