How to Choose an Art Form for your Child

Someone has rightly said, ‘Greatness is not born, it is grown’. Your child could very well be the next Indian Idol or another M F Husain. Talent does not come coded in a child’s DNA. Instead, it is a consequence of flawless coaching, conscientious practise, and persistent motivation.

No one becomes a genius by accident! As parents, we need to take ownership of unlocking our children’s inherent talents. You need to offer emotional fuel in the guise of love, render powerful ignition to keep the passion alive and usher a tsunami of unconditional stimulus.

How Can Art Help?

Art activities are a wonderful way of nurturing creativity. Artistic talent allows children to think out of the box. Additionally, it helps improve one’s focus, coordination, perseverance and builds self esteem.


Which One to Choose?

You may be convinced to enhance the artistic element in your child’s personality, yet still be perplexed as to which art form to choose. Here are some ways to identify and ascertain your kid’s creative love!

Identify their passion:

If your little one’s school notebooks are full of drawings, a sketching class could be a great idea! If it’s playing with mud that he/she enjoys, then consider pottery. With a plethora of art options available in present times, you better do the spade work right!

Engage your kids in an open conversation. Attempt to analyse their aptitude and inclination. Conduct online research for greater clarity. Some of the popular art forms include sketching, ceramics, pottery, painting, sculpture, photography, music, dance, drama, graphics – the list is virtually endless. Identify your child’s real passion and take it forward.

Playing guiter

Widen their horizon:

Visits to art museums and other cultural institutions encourage creative intelligence. Exposure to various artistic forms fosters creativity in children and helps establish their own interests.

Take second opinions:

Despite having zeroed down on a specific art form, don’t shirk from taking additional views. The best candidates are parents of kids enrolled in the art classes in question. Extract an honest feedback with regards to the future scope of the art form and take opinions of specific programs under consideration.

Explore trial classes:

Nurturing an art form calls for big investment. Free trial classes serve as a great option to ascertain the child’s interest in the selected art form. Another option could be to enrol in a holiday program. If your child loved attending the classes through the holidays, he/she will definitely sail through the rest of the year.



Get a mentor:

Taking advice and suggestions from an expert in the field is a worthy exercise. Guardians and kids both can be puzzled with the array of choices in the artistic domain. However, with years of experience, things are crystal clear to a mentor. A veteran in the field can effortlessly spot a child’s preference and bring latent talent to the surface.

If love for any art form is rooted in your child, it will certainly find its way. Make sure that you facilitate their journey of seeking personal wonder!