What Is Creya Learning Program And Why It Is Beneficial For Your Child

Creya is a path-breaking innovation that is transforming the world of education. It is changing the very way children learn and experience the world around them. Creya is a pioneer in studio based learning.

The teacher here is the coach who guides children as they solve real life problems using a practical, hands-on, interdisciplinary approach. This helps children to learn experientially, so they can connect their learning with the world around them.

Creya’s Mission

It aims to transform the way of education in schools across India and plans to shift the focus of education from cliched “teaching” to innovative “learning”. Students are considered learners and the teachers, facilitators.

What’s more, the curricula of Creya is in alignment with all education boards, enabling a seamless learning experience for learners. It is based on four innovative pillars that define its philosophy and approach: experiential learning, design thinking, STEM education, and 21st-century skills.

So how can the Creya Learning benefit your child? Read on to know how this groundbreaking methodology is benefiting students:

Interdisciplinary studies with STEM

  • STEM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics”.
  • STEM incorporates interdisciplinary education that emphasizes coherent learning, integrating all subjects together.
  • Knowledge is not confined to the study of textbooks but inculcates digital tools and technologies to enhance the learning experience manifold.
  • The main driving force behind STEM is the encouragement of learning subjects in an integrated fashion to better understand concepts rather than studying concepts individually in isolation from textbooks alone.
  • STEM education aims to create a new generation of scientists, engineers, thinkers, and innovators, which our society requires to help India revel in an era of economic prosperity.


Children learn best when they experiment on their own

The Creya Learning Design Studio

  • The Creya Learning Design Studios are set-up in schools. It is here that children attend a 40-hour programme which is distributed into 30 individual sessions for students from classes I to X.
  • Students learn to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms by using tablets, robotics, and other technological devices.
  • Students are encouraged to build their own understanding of the world around them and acquire first-hand knowledge through their own experience.
  • Children ask questions, challenge their minds, and explore their surroundings and make an assessment of their observations and discoveries.
  • The key aim of the design studio is to make children autonomous learners, which is a much-needed skill in this dynamic world.

Experiential Education

  • Experiential Education focuses on reflective observation as well as active experimentation.
  • Unlike today’s ‘activity based learning’ approach, the experiential learning technique dives deeper into the concepts, helping learners understand concepts the best way possible.

stem education

Creya imparts children the essential skills to succeed in the 21st-century

21st-Century Skills

  • 21st-century thinking helps students develop the essential skills to succeed in the modern world.
  • 21st-century skills are based on the 4 Cs: Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication, and Collaboration.
  • Life and Career skills are also imparted to students for a 360-degree learning experience.

Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking aims to make students creative thinkers ready to solve everyday problems through innovative ideas.
  • This is an iterative problem-solving paradigm that encourages children to focus on practical and creative solutions to boost their confidence.

Creya Learning Program After Schools

  • Creya incorporates an after school program, “MeerKats” at community centers and in residential clusters to take learning a step further.
  • Summer camps are also conducted.
  • The program aims to make children digital natives by developing essential skills such as blogging, podcasting, animation, etc.

Wrapping Up

Creya is one of the best learning methods available today, which imparts education by allowing children to put their theoretical knowledge to test and become autonomous learners who hold the power to transform the world.

The Creya Learning Program works on the philosophy of ‘learning by doing’ and taking the students beyond usual rote learning. Creya methodology integrates with schools and afterschool programs are also conducted at community centers for the benefit of the learners. Even summer camps are organized for this very purpose.