How to Teach Your Child the Importance of Goal Setting

We all cherish dreams, personal and professional. It could be something as small as buying a branded watch to something as colossal as owning a house. No matter what the dimension of the dream, each is special and valuable.

However, dreams can transform either into mere fantasies or bona-fide realities. The onus is solely on the individual. A pragmatic approach calls for setting achievable goals, strategic planning and taking defined action every single day.

Why Are Goals Important?

The world that our children opened their eyes to is not as easy going as ours. There is competition at every juncture and it is rather stiff! Either you are up for it or you are out of the league. No wonder, we see frustration creeping into the lives of even young children.

As guardians, it is important for us to teach children how to overcome challenges, throttle obstacles and attain success. You can go on struggling but if your methodology and direction is improper, you will never get a taste of success. The finest way to experience and celebrate success is goal setting.

Setting goals is also critical towards the personality development of children.

  • It adds a sense of purpose to their lives. In fact, makes it more meaningful and worthy.
  • A more focused life consequently augments one’s self esteem and lifts the confidence levels.
  • The biggest asset is development of intrinsic motivation. Accomplishing goals ushers a feel good factor that keeps you motivated. An individual who is self driven can never be beaten or bogged down by any adversity in life.


Showing the Way

Goal setting is a complicated exercise indeed! It incorporates several steps your kids may desire to omit. You have to ensure they don’t steer from the realm of achieving goals. Only you alone can help children crystallize their dreams and translate them into meaningful goals. So set the ball rolling and watch your kids fly high!

Unfold the basic definition:

To come to think of it, unintentionally even small kids are involved in working towards goals. From aiming at the dartboard to wanting an A grade in Science, they too set goals and work to reach them.

Realizing that goal setting is not a new concept helps children accept the power and importance of goal setting. Relate the winning of a game to the gratification of achieving a goal. This way they will be able to identify the feeling and the high of attaining success.

Acquaint them with your goals:

It’s a well-known fact that children emulate their parents. Sharing your goals with them will make them realise that it’s an exercise common to all age groups. The concept will cease to intimidate the little minds. In fact, they may actually love the idea of doing things similar to grownups!

Let their goals be personal:

Ask your children to list out their dreams. Ask them to prioritize and be realistic. Let your expectations not overrule their goal setting. A goal solely their own allows them to take ownership of the steps, the path chosen and the hurdles. Of course, the happiness of such an accomplishment is also beyond expression.


Begin in a small and fun way:

Commence the exercise with a small and light goal. A fun goal achievable in a short duration will elevate their self esteem and motivate to aim for the bigger ones.

Help them differentiate between short term, medium term and long term goals. This is extremely crucial as impatience can ruin the journey. Climbing one step at a time gradually takes you to the topmost floor!

Track progress and reward on reaching the goal:

Don’t forget to be the biggest cheerleader. No matter how miniscule the victory, applaud their efforts. It is vital for kids to know that their parents appreciate their journey more than the destination.

Adult guidance is mandatory. Evaluate progress and brainstorm to fill in the lacunae.

It is never too late to commence instilling the importance of goal setting in children. You are your child’s real mentor. Show them the way. Let them take responsibility yet walk along beside them. The day success taps their destiny; there will be no holding back!