What Should You Look For While Switching to a New School

At the very beginning of this article, let’s get one thing straight. Changing schools isn’t easy. Period!

The concept of moving schools or the very mention of a new school can impart colossal stress and anxiety to any student. Loads of queries and uncertainties capture the mind. Will I be compatible with the other students in my class, will I fit in the new environment, will my peers accept me, would I be lagging behind in my assignments, will the teachers be supportive – the list of reservations is endless!

Your child could be facing challenges every single day. As a parent, you can certainly make a difference by rendering support and simply being there!

So what more can you do to ensure your kid gets the right footing?

Choosing a good school is the most crucial decision in a parent’s life. A right decision could take your child towards the path of unparalleled learning and successful career. If you go wrong, well let’s not even tread there!!

Here are some pointers to help you ascertain your choice is worthy.

The Name is Not All That Matters

The name or designation of a school does not guarantee the quality of the education. There is no uniform rule applicable to showcase the greatness of a government or private school.

There is no name that you can simply gravitate towards and defer personal judgment. You must do your homework.

Teachers Matter Big Time

If you go on a school guided tour and the kindergarten teacher is taking Grade 3 – it is certainly a big NO! Teachers cannot be treated as exchangeable mechanical devices!

It has been rightly said, “Great schools champion great teachers”. A good facilitator will help your child learn more but will also accelerate the inherent rate and curiosity of learning within the child.

It is recommended to gain information on aspects like what kind of trainings do the facilitators receive, how does the administrator evaluate the teachers and are classroom teachings observed on a regular basis?

Do not be hesitant or shy of enquiring because exemplary teachers get exemplary results out of kids.

Teacher-Student Connection is the Key

The relationship between a teacher and student is more crucial than any curriculum. You must look out for an extremely engaged faculty especially if your child is in the primary class.

Have a conversation with the prospective facilitator. During the interaction you can ascertain her level of engagement and information about the students in her class. Pay attention to the student-teacher ratio as that determines the level of attention imparted to each student.

Avoid authoritarian facilitators because flexibility and openness is the key to holistic growth.

Don’t Focus Excessively on Results

Outstanding academic results certainly showcase the school is doing a great job with educating the students but there may be a catch here as well!

In today’s world, there is emphasis on all round development of kids as against mere academic excellence. Life skills must be imparted for holistic growth. So keep your equilibrium in place so as to keep school infrastructure, academics and co-curricular activities at equal footing.

Don’t Miss the Library

In the early years, your kid will be surrounded with new vocabulary. Ascertain the students are allowed to make regular visits to the library plus it is sufficiently stocked.

Language building is cardinal in the fundamental stages. You must ensure the teacher sets some time aside for reading and storytelling in the primary years. Make an attempt to understand the incorporation of phonetics in regular language teaching.

Enrichment Programs in the New School

Program-in-the-schoolAcademics are mandatory but let it not overshadow the importance of co-curricular activities. Your child’s new school must support enrichment activities.

Sports and Creative Arts programs complement the curricular activities and groom children in the art of practical living. They enhance the child’s personality and fortify academic learning.

Remember to check out the courts for specific sports offered, visit the rooms allocated for art, music and dance and of course interact with the special coaches.

Administrative Queries

Apart from academic and co-curricular activities, parents should gain insight on certain discipline and medical issues as well. Here are some qualifying markers for good schools.

  • Clean and safe indoor and outdoor environment
  • An agreeable written policy to tackle discipline and behavioural issues
  • The school nurse should be well trained to provide first aid and deal with medical emergencies
  • The teachers engage in positive reinforcement

 Go With Your Gut Feeling

The most potent factor is the feel of the new school. When you enter an institution, you will know whether it feels right or not!

The smile on the faces of the children, a sense of pride amongst the staff and the general atmosphere on the whole will steer you towards the correct decision.


There is an exhaustive list of things you need to keep in mind before switching schools. We have tried to put together some precious advices and information that hopefully will be useful.

Once the child is completely accepted in the new environment, he/she will view it as an opportunity towards brighter prospects in life.