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Why Us?

Woodnote, a top pre-school in Hyderabad and Mysuru provides a safe, secure and joyful environment for students to feel at home while indulging in playful creative learning. Here, the fresh buds mingle with nature in all its forms of air, water and greenery, thus drawing knowledge and inspiration from its sheer magnanimity.

They develop a mindfulness in ‘Thinking Classrooms’ through multifarious activities which lead to heartfulness as well.

Learn the ways and values of life by exploring the joy of living.

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Your kids belong here.

At Samashti, we focus equally on

personal and professional growth,

offering state-of-the-art infrastructure

in the classroom and beyond.

Awards & Recognitions

Our Managing Director Ms.Swetha Manthena conferred the Global Edupreneur award

Our Managing Director Ms. Swetha Manthena Receives the “Global Edupreneur” Award at the Global Education Award 2019 ceremony held in Dubai on December 14.


Digital Classrooms

Smart Classrooms

Samashti School Campus

10 Acre Campus

Library at Samashti

Large Library

Food Served at Samashti School

Hygienic Food

Indoor Stadium at Samashti School

Indoor Stadium

Equipped Sports Courts at Samashti

Well-equipped Courts


Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Student Clubs at Samashti

Samashti Clubs

Coaching for Sports and Games

Sports & Games

Yoga and Gymnastics

Yoga & Gymnastics

Coaching for Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Green Initiatives at Samashti

Go-Green Initiative 

No Classrooms!!
Only Learning Labs.