Mr. Y. Veeranna

Father of Y. Nehal Sai , IV C
Testimonials from Praents

I am Y.veeranna , father of Y.nehal Sai studying in IV C in your school. I would like to appreciate you for the efforts taken for the annual day function held on 25th of January 2020. It was really very nice. The theme which was making us aware of all traditions all over the world was a good idea. It made us also aware how we are polluting the nature. It also gave children an opportunity to learn more about our traditions and values.Mainly Maharashtra traditional dance was the highest rated one.

Soumedu Roy

Testimonials from Praents

I love the entire methodology of Samashti where children are being nurtured and gradually learning new things every day. They also stress on playing and holistic development which only enforces my belief in the school administration.

Vijaya Devarakonda

Mother of Treya and Aadya

I am the parent of Treya and Aadya who are proud samastians and I am glad I made the right decision. As parents we know our children better than anyone else and at Samasti its a Family, ” they listen to us and we'll listen to them”. I realised it as days were passing, the teachers, working staff all have the childs best interest in mind. They always appreciated our childrens strengths…and helped them improve on their weaknesses. Communication was very often with parents and teachers in case of any help needed for the child progression and development. The classroom was safe haven, a place that is conductive to Learning. There was lot of enthusiasm to make learning enjoyable and exciting with perfect discipline which reflects in both my kids. The teachers and staff have good knowledge thay helped our kids to learn more better and easier. Above all kudos to the Pricipal madam and management without you this must have not been possible.

Mr. Girish Nair

Father of Viraj Nair, 1 D

Samashti has been a perfect fit for our son. He enjoys the balance of learning and play. The focus on self-care has helped his independence. The focus on order and process makes him a contributor at home. For us, Samashti International has been a total solution.

Mr. Madhusudan

Father of Rudragopal 3 C and Saraswati 6 C

Our family is happier with the level of education provided by the extraordinary caring staff at Samashti International School. Samashti provides a warm safe environment for children to thrive through hands-on activities that encourage engaging conversation and critical thinking.

Akash Uppal / Ritu Uppal

Parents of Aaryan & Aarnav Uppal

As a private sector professionals, sometimes we are required to move from one city to another. Though it is for betterment for our professional growth and family, it is grim task for kids to cope-up with this transformation. Adapting to new surroundings, culture, etc. is tough and schooling is one among these. After an extensive search and visits to several schools, we are content that we chose “Samashti International” school for our kids. The staff, teachers and management are like extended family. The teachers are well qualified and skilled. Samashti embrace happy children, caring teachers, involved parents, and strong leadership. The teachers are dedicated to educating the child, in totality, so they tailor their approach to the needs and potential of individual students. Best among the rest, a huge campus, big playground, separate indoor and outdoor sports segments, big canteen, spacious classrooms, library, labs, etc. Whether academics or extracurricular activities, they have all the amenities. My kids simply love going to school! Samashti instills love for learning and concocts children for future. The only drawback, Samashti do not have higher secondary sections! I highly recommend this school to all the prospecting parents.

Mr. Rohit Agarwal

Guardian of Hardik Jain Grade 10

Me as a guardian of Hardik Jain would like to admit the satisfaction of Samasthi International School. Every single person involved in the overall development of him is well appreciated including management. And, the teachers have really done a marvellous job in shaping of him than what he was before joining the school. They have shown great patience in this journey of 2 years and have also proved that any student can wonder with a proper guidance and support. I wish a great success of this school in the years to come.

Mr. Ravi Varma

Father of Tanvi, Grade 2 and Dheer, PP 1

It gives me immense pleasure to talk about my children’s school as I really like the big, huge campus spread across 10 acres. It opens up the mind and promotes creative instincts in a child. Glad I chose Samashti for my kids.

Mrs. S. Phaniraj Kumari

Mother of Khushi

I am very happy as my kids are enjoying stress-free education with international standards. The school provides lots of opportunities for students to develop leadership quality, to volunteer and to do community service.