Exams- Don’t Underestimate, Understand.

Exams- Don’t Underestimate, Understand.

Understanding the fear of examination

No fear of exams, but care about them.

Getting over the fear of exams does not mean we should not care about exams. Again, caring for exams neither means you freak out about them. An exam or a test is conducted to check what we’ve learned, or how good we are in that subject.

We are biased in our fear of exams.

There is nothing to worry about exams. Whether it is 20 marks or 100 marks paper, all we need to do is write down what we know.

Tackling that ‘weak’ subject of mine…

Everyone has at least one weak subject.

It is the psychology of a student to classify subjects as easy and hard. What makes a subject easy? There are many reasons for this like- less stuff to remember, like dates, formulae, grammar, etc.

One might feel remembering dates is easier than formulae. Another might feel the other way. What makes things easy to remember? There is only an answer to this –‘UNDERSTANDING’.

Making even ‘Rocket Science’ easy!

Understanding a topic makes it easier and stays in our memory. Even rocket science will be easy if it is understood and analyzed properly. Anything under the sun will be understood by a person at any point in time, at least after reading it or writing it or seeing it 100 times.

If we don’t understand anything as a student, we have many resources like teachers, Wikipedia, the internet and many more.

I understand but don’t remember 🙁

Once understanding is there, remembering is not that hard. We can make songs, sentences, abbreviations, mnemonics, etc. to remember. Do not leave everything till the last moment. Even if you revise something one month before the exam, if you concentrate, you will remember.

‘Concentration’ is the key.

Understand with concentration, you will remember it your life long.

In order to fight the fear of exams, we need to understand. Then concentrate when you study, so you will remember what you understood.

To conclude,

Understand + Concentrate + Remember = Easy Exams.

Amulya Sharon
Written by
Grade 9 D