Excitement is the Key!

Excitement is the Key!

‘I will do what I want to do’

Sounds familiar? That’s what every human’s mind says all the time. Motivation is required to accomplish anything. This motivation or urge has to be instilled, more so in a child. A child is unable to coax herself to do what she ought to do, like learning. The only way to motivate a child is to make the process EXCITING! So how do you make learning EXCITING!?

Energy is directly proportional to the EXCITEMENT quotient

As a child I had all the energy and more when I went to play with friends or watched a movie or listened to music. I did not even bother to rest when engaged in these activities. But when I sat down to study, honestly my body wouldn’t respond. I would turn dull, lethargic and sleepy and believe me, it was not deliberate. Now as an adult I see it in present day kids as well and wonder why. The answer is simple- studies didn’t excite me and I can see it doesn’t excite them either.

Each one learns differently

Every child is different. Every child learns differently. What excites one may not excite another. Hence, building their interest and keeping them motivated is itself a constant learning process for us adults. Extensive amount of research, experience and experimentation in this matter have resulted in us understanding a few ways in which we can make this necessary journey of learning an enjoyable one for the child.

Try these Strategies, they work!


  • Beyond Classroom

It is true that the classroom is the primary abode of learning but extend the same to their surroundings outside the classroom. Make learning a synonym for experiencing. Let the intellectual take shape as the real.

  • Developing the Reading Habit

You taught them how to eat and drink; now read to them and teach them the art of reading. It would be initially difficult but once they learn, it develops into a positive habit. Reading makes one more inquisitive. It is a habit that can be developed at a very early stage. It sets the stage for ease in the intake of information, without turning it into a stressful effort.

  • Encourage Curiosity

The traditional teacher-centric educational system tends to make the child feel controlled and judged. It curbs their ability to question and think. Let them take the driver’s seat. Let them ask their questions. Intellectual growth cannot be a one-way process. That would just be a kind of information dumping.

  • Allow them to voice their thoughts

Give children an open atmosphere and allow them to express how they feel and what they think. Make them feel that their opinion matters. This gives them the reassurance needed to feel valued.

  • Use different ways of learning

Depending on the activities that interest the child, one can incorporate one or more methods of teaching/learning involving styles such as Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Logical, etc.

A child who is excited about learning will Learn! Getting her excited and keeping her excited about learning is the key!