High-Court Advocate, M. K. Pasha stated “The LAW could be defined as the compilation of certain rules which are framed in a book titled the Constitution, but in my opinion, the LAW is basic human ethics.

The LAW is that set of rules which draws the line between right and wrong. Using the word “ethics” sparked a fuse in my head. I thought ethics also means the differentiation between right and wrong. So why is another word known as the LAW just taking up another page in the dictionary? Then it hit me. Ethics are based on personal preferences. In contrast, the LAW is one set of rules applicable to the entire population of a nation.

In the discussion about the law, he said, “The LAW is not fully understood in the modern world. One citizen thinks having a proper tax system is correct while the other’s beliefs are contrary.” He continued, “This confusion among adults is leading to the future generation’s downfall.” Bullying has become such a massive problem and it is disturbing young minds.

In its ultimate form, “Cyber-Bullying”, people who are directly involved in it can be sentenced to five to seven years of unbailable jail time or also, worst-case scenario, be accused of attempt to murder, which can lead to life-time imprisonment. Children facing “Cyber-Bullying” are going as far as suicide to get out of that unfortunate trauma. Therefore, it is our responsibility, as the citizens of this nation, to fix this problem with all our effort.