Tryst with Dramatics

Tryst with Dramatics

Shakespeare was of course correct when he wrote “All the world’s a stage and, and all the men and women merely players”. A stage this world may be, however to actually perform in front of a live audience is a different ‘drama’ altogether.

Personally, I have been a ‘curtain raiser’ throughout my school days.

Yes, as far as drama is concerned that’s all I’ve done – open and close the curtains. I did once get promoted to the role of a ‘prompter’ but to act on stage, I never got a chance.

Therefore, when my wife one day approached me with this proposal of me being part of a drama for the grand Samashti Annual Concert, it was a mixed bag of emotions for me.

I was at once honoured, elated and extremely skeptical.

The excitement of being on stage was evident, but this was overwhelmed by the strong rationale of making a fool of myself – ‘at this age’.

After much motivating words from my wife I decided to stick on to my New Year resolution for this year –

‘Why Not to everything?’.

I decided to take it as an adventure and add a feather to my not so illustrious drama cap.

Incase, anyone is unaware, “Meticulous” is a word that is synonymous with Samashti.

It was therefore professional guidance for all events be it choreography or photography and so it was for drama. I looked at it as a silver lining on the dark cloud of my decision to act, for I seriously needed some professional assistance.

The final concert day act was preceded by three events – recording one, recording two and the practices.

Recording one was a cake walk, I was completely thrilled by my stupendous performance. But when I was just about to revel came the message about a second recording. Recording two was no cake walk, in fact it was more of a tight rope walk, for in this were present the drama professionals.

On reciting my dialogues for the Seventeenth time they finally relented and accepted my recording. Then came the practice sessions in school which were tremendously enjoyable.

It was like re experiencing my school days – how immensely wonderful it was.

Then, yes the final Act, this too came with a twist.

Just a couple of hours before the show, our drama mentors decided to give a slight change to my act. And finally there I was, strutting on the stage with a placard on my hand.

I laughed, cried and died on stage.

My role ended with lights out, but this experience will shine bright in my heart forever. Thank you Samashti for adding such wonderful memories for me to cherish forever.

Written by
Sidhartha Lama
Parent of:
Samriddhi, Grade 5
Navang, Grade 2