How can We Help Our Society During the Pandemic? Thoughts by Samashtians

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How can We Help Our Society During the Pandemic? Thoughts by Samashtians

The best way to help society is to help ourselves by maintaining social distance, frequently washing hands, and wearing masks. But most importantly by staying home. We must make an endeavor to cheer our doctors, service sector workers, and health care workers who are risking their lives and helping thousands.

Whenever possible, we must make use of online platforms to raise funds in support of the poorer sections affected by job loss or need to bear the extra medical cost. We should check on elderly neighbors and get them the necessary medicines and deliver their shopping requisites. We must make an extra effort to help the poor and needy. We must not be privy to spreading rumors and we must report such cases to the appropriate authorities.

Sreeyutha Sharma, IX D.

Sreeyutha Sharma - grade - 9 - Samashti International School, Hyderabad
Akshith Sitaram - grade - 9 - Samashti International School, Hyderabad

During these times of crisis, we can help society by doing the following: –

  • Refrain from going out of your house except when unavoidable.
  • Restrict your wants and buy only what is essential. Do not hoard essential items.
  • Follow the orders/guidelines issued by the government or appropriate authorities.
  • Help the needy while keeping in mind the government’s orders/guidelines.

Akshith Sitaram IX

Ways one can help society during this pandemic are:

  • Donations – A small donation can help our government to help feed millions.
  • Blood donation – A healthy blood donation will maintain a sufficient blood supply and avoid potential shortages
  • Check on elderly neighbors -As the old is more affectable, it is important to keep an eye on them.

Bhaavana Sreesailam, Grade 9B

Helping the society is a very good idea. My father is giving needed groceries, rice, and pulses to laborers who are stuck during the lockdown. We could give food, masks, sanitizer, and proper clothes for the poor and the needy and follow rules. Let’s together kick out Coronavirus from India.

Lakshman, Grade 9B

Here are some points to help society during this virus outbreak and lockdown.

  • We can help our society by funding the Government.
  • By staying at home, until the Government advises otherwise.
  • By washing all the things properly that are brought from outside. Ex- Fruits, Vegetables.

K.Siddharth Reddy, Grade 9C