Is E-Learning Effective? A Reality Check

E-Learning at Samashti International School, Hyderabad

Is E-Learning Effective? A Reality Check

We all believe e-learning can never be a substitute for classroom learning.

Group Performance by Students at Samashti
Students' experience of synergy from group ativities is incomparable.

The school atmosphere helps children build social, organizational, interpersonal, intrapersonal communication skills, and much more. The conventional learning system helps students understand the basics of collaboration, discipline in life, building relationships, and winning through helping each other.

The social life of a child starts at school.

Social and Community Life of Students
Social and community life is one of the biggest advantages of school life.

But the COVID 19 pandemic has forced the world to rethink and reinvent the education system. So that, whatever happens, learning should continue.

We, at Samashti, put on our thinking caps to design the path ahead with e-learning.

It was a sweet challenge.

Yes, everything for our kids is sweet for us 🙂

Out of many brainstorming sessions, Samashti SECURE was born.

SECURE – The E-Learning Curriculum of Samashti

E-Learning at Samashti International School, Hyderabad
With the advancement of technology, children are able to continue learning while at home.

Samashti SECURE is Socio-Emotional Connect (through) Upskilled Recreational Education.

It was not just an overnight change from classrooms to online videos – but a well-planned and thoroughly-prepared transformation. Samashti’s objective of Panchmukhi Shiksha- education for holistic development will continue, whether on-site or online.

The Preparation

We had many discussions among our staff as well as with our high school students to figure out their concerns and issues while during and past lockdown. The curriculum has been designed to address the socio-emotional needs of the children. “CONNECT” is the operating word of our strategy to make learning fun and effective for students. An interdisciplinary approach, the 6Es ( Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate, Encourage) execution strategy- no stone was left unturned in our quest to provide the best. Ultimately it is Education in its complete and holistic aspect.

After the discussions, came the Upskilling for teachers.

You won’t believe it!

Our teaching staff had close to 100 hours of training as part of the upskilling strategies taken up for them to conduct online classes perfectly and effectively.

If Samashtians are enjoying e-learning now, then this hard-work is the main reason behind it.

Reality Check – Does Online Learning Work?

Live Classes at Samashti International School
In our experience, students are waiting eagerly to join the online classes every day.

Yes, Absolutely!

The innovations in approach, the hard work, and dedication of our teachers, students, and their awesome parents pay off. Our children are enjoying the classes, they are waiting for each day’s class and most importantly Learning is happening!

Feedback Bytes from Our Parents

You people are doing good and putting lots of efforts on your students

Parent of Pradhan 1B

I really wanted to give you some compliments Ma'am. you are really very different from most of her class teachers previously that I have seen... Very very patient and encouraging to all the students...and above all, you are so full of positive energies during the whole session...and I really liked it when you corrected one of the students yesterday when he said...Ma'am, I have finished 🙂 🙂 No flattery ma'am, only genuine praise it is from my side!! -

Parent of Vedanshi 2C

Madhav is really happy with the new way of learning. Thanks to all the teachers and the school staff and management for putting that extra effort in such times to help the children continue with the learning in such an interactive way. All their contributions will always be cherished and will set benchmarks in the near future. Thanks a lot again for all the hard work you all have been doing. Really appreciate that and I am sure each and every concerned parent will have the same thoughts as mine.

Father of Madhav 2G

Hello Mam, I am Diya's mother Reena. I would like to share our feedback with you about Diya’s class teacher Swetha. We are extremely happy about the way she is conducting the online classes. Firstly, she has very good control over the class children online which is not so easy and it's amazing. We appreciate from the bottom of our heart for the commitment towards teaching these kids. Earlier, we never had an opportunity to experience classroom teaching but now these online classes are making us understand the quality of teaching. Hats off to her. I am glad that she is Diya's teacher, wish that she would continue to be her teacher for this complete year. If yes, then it's a blessing for her. It's very hard to get good teachers and she is one of them. We understand the difficulties and challenges regarding online classes so don't worry we are here to support her all time. As parents, we will jointly help our teachers to make their effort successful during this COVID situation. Her classroom management is mind-blowing..! Please pass this appreciate a note to the management.

Reena & Vijay (Parents of Diya)

I really appreciate your effort ma’am, Aadi is always excited about his class 👍

Parent of Aadi 1E

Thank you Ma'am for the wonderful sessions😊. Your patience is highly appreciated!!

Parent of Arnav Shinde 1E

How much you're all working for kids. After class hours and during the weekend. Thank you so much ma’am for extending your working hours and making it fruitful for kids. We are happy we joined him in Samashti.

Parent of Akhil Chirravuri 1E

Your classes are really nice. He is enjoying them. Thank you, Ma'am😊

Parent of David George Toju 1E

Really A big salute to you Ma’am. In this situation, you are giving your best for our kids.

Parent of Sarthak Vishvesh Yadav 1E

Ma’am 🙂 your efforts are simply superb 👌. Thank you for your patience and Apoorv enjoys your class so much ...😀

Parent of Apoorv 1E

Ma'am appreciates the effort you are putting in. Vedansh is enjoying the teaching method. He is picking these things nicely. It requires less effort from me😊

Aindrila Bose, Mother of Vedansh

We are really grateful that Sammu has you as her class teacher for this academic year. To be honest, we were partly skeptical about the effectiveness of distance learning (via web) when we first learned from the school management that this is the only mode of classrooms that are offered this year. That element of doubt was not because of anything other than the age group of Samanvi who has just turned three. But, with your amazing commitment and love towards kids, you have proved that no adversity can create obstacles for a passionate teacher in doing wonders with kids regardless of where the kids are located. Sammy is thoroughly enjoying the classes and looks forward to them every day including weekends☺️. Thank you for making these classes absolutely engaging and enriching for the little ones.

Venkat Gollapudi, Father of Samanvi

Hi madam... I'm very happy to say that all my near and dear are sending so many appreciations for the innovative activities that you teaching

Jala Durga, Mother of Karthikeya

You are amazing ma’am... Thanks a ton for your dedication...God, please end this pandemic soon...we want to send our children to school.

Vivek, Father of Adhitri

I am Yashika's mom (PP1-C). We are very happy with the change in Yashika. She has started listening to Ma'am and she is excited about the class. Supriya mam has a very good voice modulation. She grabs kids towards her. And we are very happy with her explanation for kids. Thank you, Ma’am, for all of your hard work to make class interactive

Mahathi, Mother of Yashika

Hi, Ma’am. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the teachers for their contribution towards the ongoing online classes.. you guys are doing a tremendous job.👍👍👍 Today's class was excellent ma’am.. I understand it's a tedious job to coordinate kids of these age groups online.. but, you had complete control over your class.👍👍👏

Parent of Nivrithi 3C

We are happy to have online classes that engage kids. Mahith is happy to see his friends and teachers, I guess all kids are happy. This is one kind of stress buster for kids, to forget the tough situations right now. And 100 thumbs up to you teachers, who are working very hard to conduct these classes, ppts, worksheets along with the household work which all women right now juggling with.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 We are proud to be with Samashti🙂

Parent of Mahith 5A

These past few months have been hard. You and the other teachers have had to transition from your normal teaching practice to remote learning, setting up new lesson plans, inventing and recording instructional videos, preparing materials, and finding new ways to check in on and connect with your students. And all of you have done this while juggling the effects of COVID-19 on your family and personal lives as well. As a parent, I have seen the challenges you have faced. But you have achieved great things despite the hardship. Kudos to you all 🙌 A big thank you from our side 🙏🙏

Parent of Prakriti 7C

Hello Maam….ow are you? Hope you and your family are safe and in the best of health and spirits. The online sessions of studies are really interesting and enriching for Vadiraj..he enjoys it... V all are also fine with everyday new learning in life in the lockdown period 😄 Just thought of congratulating you on the CBSE affiliation for Senior Secondary education...It's another feather on your cap ma'am. Thank you Have a nice day 🙏

Parent of Vadiraj 3D


We appreciate the honest and from-the-heart messages from parents. These messages and the bonding with the children even during this social distancing era is the best reward for our teachers. It makes us determined to continue to provide holistic education to bring out excellence in all Samashtians.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay balanced.