Teachers, How Influential Are You?

Teachers, How Influential Are You?

Little Samanvi Imitates Her Teacher on Teachers' day 2020

Little Samanvi is a nursery student, full of play and the sweetest of smiles. She loves to learn by imitating her loved ones around.

Who better than her teacher to learn from!

Children imitate parents, teachers, animals, traffic, and any sounds that amuse them. The calls of the golden orioles or the chirps of sparrows that fly around the campus could be their muse.

Responsive and receptive socialization is a sign of intelligence. Vocal imitation is one of the founding methods of learning.

Every child must be willing to imitate.

To appreciate this better, let us check the details. In this cute video, Samanvi is imitating her teacher.

A quick recap of what all we have learned today. We start off basic ``inchucks`` (corrects herself) instructions, followed by good morning.. and then attendance activity

Panchmukhi Shiksha aims to open up the intellectual and the artist.

First, little Samanvi picked up words from her teacher. Short words and long words all come together to form meaningful sentences. Then, these words are strung together with clarity. She would not mispronounce the word ‘instructions’, she is not afraid of its length as she goes back and presents it accurately.

Quite a feat!

Finally, it is her willingness to reflect upon these seemingly easy words and present them in detail to the world that makes her an artist.

Simple aspects of growth are often overlooked.

At Samashti, we welcome these first steps of intellect and artistry with open arms and appreciate the efforts involved – both of our teachers and our students such as Samanvi.