What Should Be the Ideal Weight of a School Bag?

What Should Be the Ideal Weight of a School Bag?

Remember the school days when you had to drag a heavy bag packed with textbooks, notebooks, stationery, lunch box, snack box and so many odds and ends?’ There are many things a school going child needs. Carrying a heavy bag is definitely not one of them!

What should be the ideal weight of a school bag?

In the US and the UK, the recommended weight of a school bag is 10% of their body weight. In India, children still carry heavy bags filled with books, tiffin boxes and stationery.

4 Drawbacks of a Heavy School Bag

  • Neck, shoulder and knee pains
  • Bad posture
  • Muscular and spinal disorders
  • Imbalance while walking

This issue has been discussed in various fora for some years now. It is indeed heartening that the NEP 2020 has addressed it. As per new policy guidelines the school bag should weigh only around 10% of the child’s body weight! For example, If a child’s weight is 15 – 22 kg, bag weight should be 1.5 to 2.2 kg

This is really a wonderful step.

At Samashti, we already had measures in place to lighten the load.

  • Individual lockers for each student
  • Canteen serving wholesome food

Now with our ‘Flipped Classroom Model‘, the homework will move into the classroom, leading to a lighter school bag

  • Guided learning at home
  • Discussions with classmates
  • Bonding with teachers.

Samashti aims to enhance the child’s intellectual ability to the core without having to worry about carrying a truckload of books in their bag.

Feeling lighter already!