The Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life

Water Conservation

Our earth has trillions of gallons of water and is called a blue planet. Due to gravity, the water is going to stay on forever. The water cycle ensures constant recycling. Then, should we worry about water?!


97% of water on earth is salty!

2% is trapped in ice.

What is left for us to use is only 1%.

We can survive without food for a month. But without water, we can survive only for a maximum of 3 days to a week!

The reservoir levels are reducing each year due to climate change as well as drawing excess water. In many regions, ground water has become the only source which is causing the aquifers (the natural ground water resources) to deplete rapidly.

Adding to it is the ever growing population and high consumerism (buying goods in excess of our needs) which is leading to overuse of groundwater by manufacturing, agricultural and live-stock industries.

Need more reasons to conserve water!

  • Animals, birds, trees and organisms need water too.
  • The resources and money needed to convert available water into potable/drinkable water is immensely affecting our economy.
  • If the negligence continues, in 20-30 years we may be fighting for drops of water.

6 Ways We can Make a Difference

  1. Repair your leaking taps. One constantly dripping tap can lead to 20 – 40 litres of wastage in a day. 600-1200 litres in a month!
  2. Reduce, Reuse and recycle things like clothes, plastic and books 
  3. Plant trees and harvest rainwater to replenish ground water.
  4. Carry water from home. Bottled water and fizzy drink manufacturers are exhausting our ground water resources steadily.
  5. Use RO water waste for mopping, gardening or filling aquarium if you have one.
  6. Avoid plastic covers which end up polluting our water sources.

There are so many other conscious changes we can make based on our surroundings. All it needs is a will to do it.

Let’s do our bit in conserving this precious resource for our future generations.