Pre-Primary Schooling at Samashti


Pre-primary is where it all begins and Samashti comprehends just how crucial this transition is. Our unique program together with specialists in early childhood training provides children a platform to thrive right from day one.

Our active play-based environment includes opportunities to play outdoor and indoor games, recite poems, engage in activities and projects, and more.

Primary Education at Samashti International School, Hyderabad


In the primary school, we focus on strengthening literacy, social, and numeracy skills. Our curriculum revolves around learning through fun instead of creating a competitive environment, which stresses children out. Each child learns at his/her own pace and, at Samashti, we encourage kids to follow their own pace, boosting their self assurance.

Practical work, learning in a social environment, introduction to physical education, performing arts, and focused learning are a part of our primary school curriculum.

High School Studies at Samashti International School

High School

Our high school is an environment personalized for advance studies and all-round development. This phase, we believe, is critical since it is at this time when children start thinking independently and their life goals start coming into the picture. Cultivating positive attitude, motivating them to achieve what they are eyeing, and ensuring academic growth are a part of our high school program. We have experienced behavioural and career counselors to guide them, too.

Experimentation in laboratories, aptitude, academic orientation, specialized academic coaching, practical learning, social activities, and physical education are the points of focus among other things.

Special Programs

1. STREAM Approach: At Samashti, we follow the STREAM educational approach, which is based on the idea of mastering the five disciplines: Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. This approach gives students the edge to excel later in life because it builds their creative, logical, and problem-solving capabilities.

2. Summer Schools: Our programs over the summer help children explore various opportunities. We have special sport camps, workshops, art programs, science camps, and more. All these activities foster interaction and teamwork.

3. Professional Development: This is a special program for teachers wherein they learn the various ways in which they can improve their instruction. They are taught to help children soar to great heights through their teaching methodology. We have collaborated with Creya, a specialist education solutions firm, to make this possible. They develop programs not just for our teachers but also our students and instructors.


Our school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE affiliation number – 3630130), Govt. of India. We also plan to provide options for international accreditation.

Learning Methodologies

NCERT – Our School Follows NCERT (National Council Of Educational Research And Training) Curriculum.

CREYA – With this program, children develop literacies, competencies, skills, and attitude that will help them thrive in this fast­growing world.

ASSET – (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) is a skill-based assessment test that gauges a child’s skills based on his/her understanding of skills and concepts taught in the syllabi.

Mindspark – is a self­learning program designed to enable kids to improve their skills. It offers a variety of learning paths for children to choose from according to their needs. It helps students learn math and language.