Beyond Academics


Sport plays an integral part in the growth and development of a child. Be it physical or mental, sport is an extension of good educational program. Sports teaches persistence, patience, and practice, which are very important life lessons. Keeping this in mind, a variety of sports for children are offered to engage in. For this well-equipped courts, an indoor stadium for different games and facilities are provided to practice yoga and gymnastics etc.

The different sports offered are:

1. Football

2. Tennis

3. Basketball

4. Cricket

5. Badminton

6. Table tennis

7. Volleyball

8. Carroms

9. Chess

10. Gymnastics

11. Skating

12. Taekwondo

13. Golf

Visual & Performing Arts

Performing arts help students show their bright, creative side. Every child has a hidden talent that needs to be cultivated and fostered. For performing arts, Samashti focusses on the following

1. Music

2. Dance

3. Painting

4. Sculpting

5. Do It Yourself

Work Education

The feeling of satisfaction children get when they create something with their own hands, is something unique. While indulging themselves in

1. Clay Modelling & Sand Art

2. Hand Embroidery

3. Cookery

4. First Aid

5. Domestic Electrical Gadgets Maintenance

6. Interior Designing & Decoration

7. Pottery

8. DIY

Samashtians learn many valuable lessons like collaboration and team work, creative thinking, critical thinking etc.

Clubs And Programs

Samashti’s comprehensive clubs, camps and programs for children empower them to pursue their interests. Children are free birds at Samashti with the liberty to engage in any of the following:

1. International Food Club

2. Drama Club

3. Art & Craft Club

4. Photography

5. Game Designing

6. Community Helper Club

7. Literary Club

8. Maths Club

9. Science Club

10. Katha Club

11. Soc.Science Club

12. Dance Club

13. Music Club

14. Sports Club

15. Best out of Waste Club

16. Happiness Club

17. Kindness and Empathy

18. Eco Club

19. Health and Wellness Club

20. French Club