Thinking Beyond Classrooms

Samashti, one of the top CBSE International Schools in India with its campuses in HyderabadCoimbatore and Mysuru was established with a vision to impart holistic education, keeping culture, innovation, and overall development. The campuses ensure an environment in which students thrive while staying close to nature.

Every aspect of schooling has been devised keeping the growth and happiness of students in mind. With a firm belief that infrastructure plays a fundamental role in enabling adaptation and learning in CBSE schools, the unique teaching ‘thinking beyond the usual classroom’ is practised letting children interact with different facets of life.

Samashti International School, Kollur, Hyderabad

Smart AC Classrooms

All AC classrooms are equipped with Interactive Smart Boards, designed to upgrade the learning experience.

Stringent Security

At Samashti, high-end and strict security is provided in and around the campus for complete safety of the kids.

Nutritious Food

Healthy and nutritious food is served in a vast dining area with a capacity of 600 students at a time.

STREAM Education

The STREAM education system is followed with STREAM, AI and Apple's Digital labs that bring a new learning experience to kids' lives.

Indoor Stadium

Fully equipped indoor stadium to give children the right platform to play a variety of indoor sports and games.

Smart Buses

The buses are equipped with GPS, cameras and are speed-locked. Also, one female attendant in every bus ensure safety of the kids.


Vast Campus

Stretched over 10 acres, Samashti has ample space for education and sports.


Students per Class

Quality education with strict adherence to our 25-students-per-class policy.


Serene Location

Located in a serene area, Samashti is only a 10-minute drive from Financial District.


Unmatched Facilities

Equipped with 22 labs and activity centers assuring high-quality learning experience.

Extra Curriculars

Sports Activities at Samashti International School, Hyderabad


A number of outdoor and indoor games are provided to facilitate team work in our students. Sport teaches persistence, patience, and practice, which are very important life skills.

Coaching for Performing Arts at Samashti International School, Hyderabad

Performing Arts

Freedom of expression is sincerely supported through arts, which is why an excellent platform is set for kids to learn dance, music, puppetry, and theater among other things.

Fine Arts Special Coaching at Samashti International School, Hyderabad

Fine Arts

Creativity of children is fuelled and imagination is brought to life with many different fine arts taught at Samashti such as sculpting, painting, drawing and many more.

Clubs and Camping Programs at Samashti International School, Hyderabad

Clubs & Camps

SIS comprehensive clubs, camps and other programs for children empower them to pursue their interests and passions warranting their academic, cultural, and social growth.

Samashti is where your kid belongs – Just because every single dream matters to us! 

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Awards & Achievements

India's School Merit Awards - Ranked 1 in “Innovative Teaching” among Top CBSE Schools of India.

6th best school in Telangana as per Business World- Cfore India School Rankings 2016.

Our managing director, Ms.Swetha Manthena, has been recognized as one of 100 Highly Effective Edupreneurs of 2016 by Alert Knowledge Services.

Women In Education Award to the principal by 25th Business School Affaire and Dewang Mehta National Education Awards in 2017.

Brainfeed - Best Innovative Practices/ Sports Education/ STEM Education School.

Effective Partnership with parents at the 5th annual International Early childhood conference in ``Sustaining Excellence in Early Childhood Education``

Ms. Sasi secured National Rank 120, Telangana Rank 8 and All India Subject (Middle school English) Rank 14. Ms. Kavitha secured National Rank 407 and Regional Rank 31.

India's School Merit Award -2016-17 - India's Top 20 International Day School - Ranked No.16 in India, Ranked No.5 in Telangana, Ranked No.5 in Hyderabad.

Best District Teacher award to Math Teacher Ms.Annapurna by Science Olympiad Foundation.

Ranked third (3rd) among International Day Schools in 2013.

Towards furthering value centricity, future readiness, and excellence in STEM education.

Ms.Swetha Manthena, awarded 'Education Icon of the Year 2020' by Education Today. Also received ``Innovative in Education Award`` and ``Individual Attention to Students Award``.

Award of appreciation for a video made by the students.

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