What is a Flipped Classroom?

Flipped classroom is a 21st-century teaching and learning model, where the traditional method of teaching new content is flipped from the classroom space to the home learning space, thus freeing up the classroom face time for meaningful discussions.

Why Flip?

Flipped classrooms move the LOTS ( Lower Order Thinking Skills) of remembering and understanding to the child’s individual learning space at home and the HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) of applying, analysing, evaluating and creating to the collaborative classroom space at school. This results in quality time at home and school. The family connects at home over the learning module and the peers and teachers connect at school over meaningful debates and discussions.

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  • Promotes student-centered Learning.

  • Stress-free learning environment with opportunity for review.

  • Improves collaboration and social interaction skills.

  • Students come prepared for classroom activities.

  • Classroom atmosphere changes from passive listening to active learning.

  •  Promotes Teacher-Student connect and Student-Student connect.

  • Content accessible to students and parents.

What do they do?


Students at

Watch videos

Research on study topics

Complete assignments


Teachers at

Provide content

Clarify queries

Mentor / guide students


Students at

Participate in discussions

Face-to-face debates

Presentations, lab works

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