Trash to Treasure – Convert Your Trash into Useful Things

This was an opportunity for kids to tap into their creativity and artistic skills while staying at homes.

We wanted them to look around their homes and find things that are usually not of use. Now its their time for “Ideate and Innovate”.

Don’t trash them.

Create something artistic with them. Turn them into a treasure. look how they responded to them – This is how they are growing as responsible citizens!

Pista Shells to Flower Vase by Laasyapriya

Pen Stand from Used Plasic Bottle by Abhinav

Image with Pencil Waste by Mitansh Ladha

Craft with Peanut Shells by Mitansh Ladha

Pencil Case from Used Box – Prakriti Virmani

Pencil Box from Cadbury Box by Charvisha

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