Should Your Child Sleep as much as a Koala Bear?

Should Your Child Sleep as much as a Koala Bear?

An average adult human spends 1/3 of their lives sleeping!

In the wild, koalas sleep for around 22 hours in a day. A lion sleeps for 19 hours. Giraffes sleep only 3 hours. A house cat sleeps 17 hours in a day!

In humans, only new-borns have that luxury as they don’t understand day/ night cycles. Once they start growing, we set routines for hygiene, food and studies and of course sleep..

Behavioural and learning problems are often attributed to lack of sleep. Is your child sleeping enough?

Following is the recommended daily dose of sleep:

Age in Years

Sleep in Hours

1 - 2 


3 - 5 


6 - 12


Above 12 years


A healthy and happy child sleeps only as much as he or she needs. Proper sleep leads to higher concentration, controlled emotions, better learning and memory.

5 Tips for your child to have a peaceful sleep

  • Avoid physical activity once it is dark outside.
  • Serve dinner at least 1-2 hours before sleep time.
  • Avoid distraction of media and toys around sleeping time.
  • Dim the lights 30 minutes before sleeping.
  • Read a bedtime story if they are small and encourage reading by self in older children.

What can we do to make a child’s evening stress free?

Set a proper routine for everything including screen time. Have dinner together. Maintain a peaceful atmosphere at home in the evenings. Postpone any disagreements with spouse or family till children leave for school.

A peaceful home is the best way to bring up a happy child. The right amount and right quality of sleep leads to a happy, well-balanced child.

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