Prep Up Your Pre-teen

Prep Up Your Pre-teen

Understand and Deal the Parenting the Pre-teen age.

Pre-teens can be a confusing or an informed phase.

It all depends on how parents deal with a pre-teen.

A child between 9-12 can be called a pre-teen. You will notice many changes in your child. It is a period when your child will need your understanding the most. Some prominent changes you might notice are:

  • Need for independence
  • Readiness to take more risks
  • Questioning and rebelling
  • More attention to external appearance( dressing, hair style)
  • Picking up a new hobby (Pokémon cards become boring/my little pony goes into store box)
  • Wanting to be with friends more than with family

None of these changes mean they know exactly what they want. They need your guidance all the more. Apart from falling teeth, growing height and increased body hair, a pre-teen has to deal with parents who find all these sudden changes in their child quite baffling.

What to do and what not to do!

Here are a few tips:

Avoid pulling their legs in front of others. Embarrassing them is a sure shot way to upset them.

Practice what you preach.

It is easier for them to follow than adhere to contradictory commands of parents. They are at an age where reasoning ability gets clearer. Explain to them the consequences of their actions . Don’t just say- ‘Don’t do it’. They can understand even if they feel unhappy about not being able to watch a show or play a game which is inappropriate.

Have healthy, honest conversations around sex, alcohol and other vices. Don’t shove their doubts under the carpet. Curiosity towards anything should be addressed promptly.

“When they are ready to ask questions they are ready to listen to your answers as well.”

Go by this golden rule with pre-teens. It never fails.

Happy parenting!

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