Explore – A Small Word with a Powerfull Message

Explore – A Small Word with a Powerfull Message

The message of the word 'Explore'

Explore…a small word conveying a powerful message.

What does it tell us?

It tells us to keep on searching for answers to your questions. It tells us to inquire about stuff you don’t know anything about. It tells us to never stop receiving knowledge. In fact, exploring is how Science, Maths, English, and every other subject in school came about.

If people chose not to explore, but to just sit back and ignore, none of them would have been there.

You may feel that these subjects aren’t required, but in reality, we are able to understand how the world works the way it does with the help of the concepts offered by those very subjects. Sometimes, exploring can lead to unexpected results. In 1946, Percy Spencer was exploring a radar-related vacuum tube. He noticed that a candy bar in his pocket was melting. He further explored this phenomenon and invented the world’s first microwave!

And microwaves have become rather useful, haven’t they?

Exploring is all about asking questions of importance, and more importantly, making sure that you get the answers at the end. People say that being an explorer is something you are born with.

But the truth is, anyone can become an explorer. “Explore the unseen.”

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